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    In the continuous development society of science and technology, working efficiency of high pressure pump isnt able to satisfy the requirement. To serve the customers better, we must find methods to improve the efficiency. Many users reflect that high pressure pump work efficiency is getting lower and lower and cant meet their production requirements, here we put forward the following improvement methods:

    1. Modification of high pressure pipe

    We will enlarge the high pressure pipe and expend the pressure entry area to solve the pressure cant into the high pressure pump completely due to the thin pipe.


    2.Improving the smoothness of the high-pressure pipe

    We need to clean the pipe inner wall to make the pipe more smooth, thus reduce the friction with inner wall and increase the input pressure.


    3.Improvement of nozzle
       It improves the pump efficiency a lot to reducing the chamfering radian at the nozzle outlet and avoiding the influence of too fast capacity on the injection quality of the pressure.


    4.Shorten the pipe wall length
      We cut the unnecessary pipe wall in production off  to improve the work efficiency of high pressure pump, because long pipe affect the air circulation.


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