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        Energy saving plays an important role in our production nowadays, how to carry out energy saving in our high pressure pump production?


    The first question: How to reform high pressure pump to save energy.

    As we all know, It consumes too much electric energy when the pump machine starts up, usually the started up electric current exceeds about five or six times than rating, thus wastes a lot of electricity and causes negative influence on the motor performance. So we can take the reform from this area. We use Variable-frequency Drive to make electric motor operate stably and the pump can operate in ideal condition to reduce electricity wasting.



    The second question:What are we supposed to notify when transfer hydraulic gas with high pressure pumps?

    The application range of high pressure pump get wider and wider, its also commonly used in industry for transferring liquid gas. Take liquid propane for example, we need to complete the seal protection and explosion-proof protection to ensure the safety during transport and the pumps service life. Besides, we also reduce the pump speed by internal reducer gear to lengthen the pumps service life and avoid the medium gasify.

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